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Five SET Habits to Boost Your Productivity in 2018

By now you may have heard about SET and how it helps many businesses across the UK organise their sales processes. You may have even customised your pipeline, added contacts, uploaded opportunities or even won a few deals already; if that’s the case you’re already doing well but the chances are, you could be doing even better if you know more about SET’s many valuable features. Make a habit of using these five key features and you’ll see some impressive results in no time.

Keeping in touch by managing your contacts

Contacts are at the heart of your CRM. In SET each contact has a dashboard showing you activities, interaction history, contact organisation details, colleagues, emails and opportunities. You can tag them, add multiple addresses, and add notes. Each contact is a potential customer, and we show you as much as you might need, all in one place.

Be one step ahead with activities and timelines

Activities help remind you to make calls, attend meetings, or simply get things done. Activity histories help you to examine successes and failures, find out what works and what doesn’t, and create strategies for the future. How many calls did it take to close a deal? How many face-to-face connections have you made with a single organisation? Much more than notes on a calendar, activities are stored as permanent records against contacts and opportunities, and tell an invaluable story.

Be at the top of your game with opportunity pipelines

Our drag-and-drop opportunity pipelines provide a simple and engaging way for you and your team to keep your opportunities up to date. The pipelines are customisable, and you can have as many as you need to keep your opportunities organised and your goals in sight. In combination with opportunity confidence values, properly managed pipelines help you make accurate projections and give you advanced warning of troubles ahead. Combined with SET’s products and pricebooks, opportunities can be broken down into line-item products, offerings, or even discounts, exposing the true value of your deals.

Make projections and hit your business goals with reporting.

 Our powerful report builder enables you to interrogate your data in exceptional detail, analysing and highlighting key contacts and organisations, opportunities, products and team activities. Real-time reports can be shared with other team members.

Hot leads straight into your CRM with our lead forensics integration.

Lead Forensics works 24/7, de-anonymising your website traffic, allowing you to see the products and services your customers are interested in, and most crucially highlighting new organisations you’re not doing business with yet. By integrating your Lead Forensics account with SET for Business, that information is available from your SET dashboard. New leads can be imported at the touch of a button, and vital insights can be used to increase the effectiveness of all your sales and marketing activities.

There you have it. Five habits that will help you to exceed your goals using SET. We hope you have found this blog helpful and welcome any feedback or questions.
Have a happy and successful day closing opportunities!

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Trusted with over £1,000,000,000 of business opportunities

After getting lost in Salesforce the simplicity of SET and ease of use allowed us to spend more time doing what we do best, selling. Darran and the team made sure the switch to SET was stress free. We couldn’t be happier. SET does exactly what it says it does, helps your sales soar.

Sam Samuels, Managing Director, Furniture Fusion

SET has had such a positive impact on our sales productivity. It’s taken away the headache of the usual administration and given us more control. We get far better information and more time to talk to customers and prospects

Heidi Lavery, Client Engagement Manger, RFS

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