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How could a sales CRM help you to grow your business this year?

In the evolving world of sales and business development, one three-letter acronym is a popular industry name: CRM. A ubiquitous sales tool, using a CRM doesn’t only make your sales teams lives a lot easier, it will also help your company to enjoy accelerated growth.

So, what is a CRM? A Customer Relationship Management system is a software tool in which you can organise, track and analyse every interaction your sales team or company employee has with a prospect/customer all in one centralised place. The right CRM will free up valuable time which would normally be spent manually recording contact information and other data, so the sales team can focus on ROI (Return On Investment) generating activities instead.

Our infographic below shows how a sales CRM can help you grow your business this year. From protecting confidential customer information to syncing information across devices so your sales team can enter data on their phones or tablets.

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