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Simplify your sales by migrating from Salesforce to SET

Switching CRMs isn’t a mammoth project.

After noticing an influx of companies transitioning from Salesforce to SET, we started to ask, why?

Here, a SET customer explains,

After getting lost in Salesforce the simplicity of SET and ease of use allowed us to spend more time doing what we do best, selling. Darran and the team made sure the switch to SET was stress free. We couldn’t be happier. SET does exactly what it says it does, helps your sales soar.

Sam Samuels
Managing Director, Furniture Fusion

Our service and sales team speak to clients every day and the reason why they are deciding to migrate from Salesforce to SET is quite simple. You can get all the information you need quickly from SET’s simple visual opportunity and product pipelines.

Client research showed SET is saving SME sales teams valuable time which means they can focus on selling and growing company revenue, instead of going in and out of Salesforce to update it at the end of the day or week. SET also removes the problems that arise from managing your sales process outside of your CRM.

This could all be oversimplifying it. Let’s compare what sets the two apart.

For the purposes of this blog we’ve combined Salesforce IQ and Salesforce Lightning Professional. If you want to discuss any of the blog in further in detail – please contact Heidi Lavery at, she will be happy to give you the answers you need.

Easy Switch from Salesforce to SET

Would you benefit? Start your 30-day trial today, then decide if you want to:

  • Have one of the tech team import all your data seamlessly for free
  • Save money. SET is more affordable
  • Roll out a structure and guided sales process with free sales structure training
  • Get onboard super-fast with our expert customer support team
  • Customise to your business and use our open API feature

Did you know SET has all these features?

  • Email Integration
  • Revenue Forecasting
  • Mass emailing using Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor
  • Lead capture web forms
  • Contact Timeline
  • Tagging for customised reporting
  • Lead Forensics integration
  • Targetin –  A live social media feed of the businesses in SET
  • An open integration API
  • Advanced reporting
  • Customised CRM
  • Drag-drop customised pipeline

Our clients want a tool that their sales and marketing teams love, not only because they will use it regularly but they will also benefit from it in their daily roles.
A Simple and Addictive Tool

Medium Enterprise CRM Requirements

Medium enterprises are very different to SMEs. Therefore, they have different requirements that they need their CRM to address:

  • more comprehensive reporting and forecasting for senior management
  • a technology stacked combined sales, marketing and operations solution
  • The challenge of managing multiple or larger sales teams

Salesforce is known for advanced capabilities in these core areas. It’s a robust tool with almost never-ending detail however the administrative task of managing these complexities for an SME can steal precious selling time from a sales person.

Many managers don’t realise that other tools can also meet these needs and almost every time, simplifying this process will result in the best results.

 And finally,

Start your 30-day free trial via this link today.

Salesforce may suit large and medium sized companies that aren’t looking to optimise their sales process. The detail and complexity of the Salesforce software is great for teams where it’s highly integrated with other information software.

If you need to simplify your sales process and you’re looking for the best alternative, it might be time to migrate from Salesforce to SET.


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