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25 Tips to Help You Sell MORE – Part 2

We recently shared part one of this blog series with the first 15 tips to help you sell more.

In this blog, we will cover the final 10 top sales tips:

16 – Think Outside the Box – Take 5 minutes and just think of creative, even crazy things you could try to help get a sale across the line. I’ve heard of a courier company sending an egg to a prospect to show they can delivery even the most fragile item safely!

17 – Sell Value Over Price – People buy when they see that the value outweighs the price so make sure you sell that more. Don’t get caught pushing discounts and savings but push the value it offers them and show them that it far outweighs the price they pay.

18 – Find & Use Referrals – Another great way to hit target is to leverage past and existing customers to gain referral opportunities. These opportunities tend to have a far higher conversion rate compared to cold created ones.

19 – Use Social Media – If you’re not utilising social media in your sales process, where have you been?! Social can help you give before taking by sharing content, engaging content, it can help you identify more decision makers and build far great relationships with customers.

20 – Use Visual Reminders – You might do a training session or get some coaching, but that will soon be forgotten. Keep visual reminders on your desk, they could remind you of your target, what you want to buy with your commission, sales tips, motivation, anything that will help you sell.

21 – Jump in The Deep End – Fear can consume a lot of sales people, fear of cold calling and fear for asking for the close often being the biggest ones. My best advice is just jump in the deep end. Just dive right in, don’t over think it, don’t assume anything, just jump in and get on with it.

22 – Create Excitement – One of the best ways to help drive your customers to buy is to create excitement. Get them excited about your product, get them excited about your offer, get them excited by the opportunity to buy.

23 – Create Fans, Not Buyers – People don’t want to be sold to so don’t sell to them but show them something you believe they’ll like. Think of it in the same way you would talk to your friends about your favourite band, song, film, TV series etc. If you create fans, you’ll not only get people happy to buy but happy to refer as well.

24 – Work Harder – A simple tip, and perhaps not one you’ll want to hear, but if you’re not hitting target then it’s worth working harder. That may include making more calls, sending more emails, going to more meetings, sending more information, working longer hours. Sometimes quantity over quality helps build experience and confidence and increases your chance of hitting targets early on.

25 – Work Smarter – Once you’ve got experience you can then focus on working smarter and focusing on qualifying your opportunities better and refining your process. Look at how you can sell more efficiently and effectively but leveraging different tools, different people and different resources.

We hope this list helps…

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