The CRM for Professional Services

The CRM for Professional Services

SET For Business CRM is a great resource for the professional services sector e.g financial services, insurance, management consultancy, accountancy and legal. SET understand the challenges facing companies who provide a professional service to their clients. Finding and winning business, retaining customers and regularly communicating with your contacts at the appropriate time can be a complicated and time-consuming task. SET For Business is different and we can help.

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Why Choose SET

SET For Business CRM is simplicity at its finest. A user friendly, mobile client relationship tool that enables you to access, update and report on your data efficiently. Put simply, an easy to use CRM will encourage users to update data regularly, maintaining accuracy of the data and GDPR compliance. Our impactful insights drive improved performance and ROI, typically, our customers have seen growth of 20% and upwards.

A powerful client relationship tool on its own or a great addition when integrated with existing practice management systems. Adding contacts is 30% more efficient with SET.

A UK based company with telephone and online customer support offering 1:1 and team training.

In the office and on the move

SET CRM is fast, streamlined and customisable.  Personalised customisations encourage cross selling. 
Monitor your teams progress and performance with group sharing. Data can be accessed and updated 24/7 from your phone, tablet or PC.

SET supports both the product and services market. With unique and integrated features such as interactive maps, intuitive pipelines, activity workflows and powerful reporting planning your day is 50% faster than other CRM providers.

SET CRM on a tablet and mobile phone

Cyber security

CRM Security is critical to creating and maintaining an effective CRM system.  SET for Business are GDPR compliant, all data is stored within the UK.

SET - The CRM for Professional Services

Personalised Dashboards

Personalised Dashboard

See your targets, your tasks, your goals and your pipelines as soon as you log in, and get motivated!

Drag and Drop Opportunity Pipelines

Intuitive Pipelines

Unlimited, customisable drag-and-drop pipelines help you and your team track the stages and status of your opportunities.

Inspiring Design

Designed for Clarity

A tonne of functionality without the clutter, SET is designed to be inspiring to salespeople, and crystal-clear for sales managers.

Supporting your GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliance

Monitor contact expiry, consent, contact methods and erase Personally Identifiable Information whilst maintaining your performance history.

Email Integration

Track your Emails

Send emails into your SET Inbox - rapidly create new contacts - and attach emails to existing Contacts, Organisations and Opportunities.

Simple to use Report Builder

Powerful Reporting

SET’s report builder allows you to generate, share and export custom reports, querying your data and custom fields.

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“SET CRM has had such a positive impact on our sales productivity. It’s taken away the headache of the usual administration and given us more control. We get far better information than before and more time to talk to customers and prospects.”
Heidi Lavery, Client Engagement Manager at RFS.

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