The CRM for Small Businesses

The CRM for Small Businesses

Using a CRM will, on average, increase your sales by almost 20% per employee in your business. It’s time to take things to the next level and fly past the competition with SET.

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Why choose set?

SET For Business CRM is a fast, intuitive, cloud-based CRM, designed to empower your sales team and give unparalleled oversight to your sales managers.

UK-made and supported, we offer 1-1 training, data-onboarding and customisation to get you up and running in a flash.

In the office and on the move

Mobility is agility. SET CRM works on your phone or tablet (as well as your desktop), so your data is always at your fingertips.

Our integrated google maps show you nearby customers and prospects – perfect for recovering lost time between meetings.

SET CRM on a tablet and mobile phone

Reports that work for you

SET’s customisable dashboards and powerful reporting engine lets you see what’s working, so you know where you really need to spend your precious time to get to where you want to be.

SET CRM is fast, streamlined and customisable

You can be set up in minutes, and our UK-based support team can help you import your data and configure your system to match your unique requirements.

SET - The CRM for Small Businesses

Personalised Dashboards

Personalised Dashboard

See your targets, your tasks, your goals and your pipelines as soon as you log in, and get motivated!

Drag and Drop Opportunity Pipelines

Intuitive Pipelines

Unlimited, customisable drag-and-drop pipelines help you and your team track the stages and status of your opportunities.

Inspiring Design

Designed for Clarity

A tonne of functionality without the clutter, SET is designed to be inspiring to salespeople, and crystal-clear for sales managers.

Supporting your GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliance

Monitor contact expiry, consent, contact methods and erase Personally Identifiable Information whilst maintaining your performance history.

Email Integration

Track your Emails

Send emails into your SET Inbox - rapidly create new contacts - and attach emails to existing Contacts, Organisations and Opportunities.

Simple to use Report Builder

Powerful Reporting

SET’s report builder allows you to generate, share and export custom reports, querying your data and custom fields.

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“SET CRM has had such a positive impact on our sales productivity. It’s taken away the headache of the usual administration and given us more control. We get far better information than before and more time to talk to customers and prospects.”
Heidi Lavery, Client Engagement Manager at RFS.

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