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Genzy Talent Academy joins forces with SET CRM

How you can use CRM as a recruitment tool to attract Generation Z, young talent for sales roles. Gen Z, young talent is now entering the workforce, with over 32% of the population being Generation Z (born between 1996 and 2010). Having left education, they are now ready to transition from education to the commercial […]

25 Tips to Help You Sell MORE – Part 2

We recently shared part one of this blog series with the first 15 tips to help you sell more. In this blog, we will cover the final 10 top sales tips: 16 – Think Outside the Box – Take 5 minutes and just think of creative, even crazy things you could try to help get […]

25 Tips to Help You Sell MORE – Part 1

Hitting your sales target is no easy achievement, in fact there are some suggestions that less than 50% of sales people actually do it. Now there will certainly be some companies that have set unrealistic targets, and whilst they may not want to admit it, I would highly recommend making sure your targets reflect a […]

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