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8 Ways to Use Your CRM for so Much More than Sales!!!

You can use a CRM to do so much more than just managing and monitoring opportunities.

Typically, businesses use a CRM tool to manage sales activities. But you shouldn’t just think of your CRM as a tool designed for the daily monitoring of sales, there are SO MANY other ways a CRM can be utilised to benefit business growth.

You can use it for HR support, competitor tracking, or even something as simple as creating a content calendar – the right CRM system can carry out all these tasks for you and much more.

So, we decided that we would put together 8 ways in which you can use your CRM to help you automate time-consuming manual tasks.

  1. Integrate email marketing
    Any repetitive email marketing program or task can be enhanced and automated with the right CRM. You can use a CRM like SET to gauge the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns with our MailChimp integration.
  2. Cut down on administrative tasks
    Automate tasks that don’t necessarily require human interaction. Simple, repeatable tasks like typing and sending emails, building reports and creating activities can all be handled by your sales CRM. This will save you precious selling time and slash the costs of your resources along with avoiding the irritation of an arduous, tedious and repetitive job.
  3. Become GDPR compliant and handle all customer data the right way
    Are you ready for GDPR?The General Data Protection Regulation imposes restrictions on how businesses who operate in the European Union can store and manage a customer’s personal data.On May 25th, 2018 GDPR changes don’t just impact IT professionals. There are also significant implications for you and your sales team (especially for cold calling, emailing and sales tracking practices). Even if you’re based outside the EU, you still must adhere to the GDPR if your company handles the data of any EU residents.

    Your CRM can securely store your customer and prospect data to ensure third parties cannot see or access it. You can make sure you are handling your customer data correctly using SET.

    We’re security certified with Amazon Web Services, our UK data centre offers GDPR-compliant protection for your global data. So, if you’re not sure if you’re handling your data correctly – now might be the time trial SET.

  4. Track your customers
    Take control of your B2B lead generation activity and identify ready-to-buy prospects. Lead Forensics is the software that reveals the identity of your anonymous website traffic, and turns visitors into actionable sales leads, in real-time.By integrating your Lead Forensics account with SET for Business, that information is available from your SET dashboard. New leads can be imported at the touch of a button, and vital insights can be used to increase the effectiveness of all your sales and marketing activities. Find out more in our recent blog, SET launches Lead Forensics integration.
  5. Recruiting and onboarding
    You can use your CRM to track your recruiting and onboarding processes. Think about the similarities between tracking a contact through a sales pipeline and moving a candidate through a structured recruitment and induction process. You may not need a dedicated HR CRM. Something like SET can handle both.
  6. Managing accounts
    Many businesses only ever really think to track the first initial sale in their CRM, but you can also use your CRM to upsell to customers or build stronger relationships with clients, long-term. The job’s not done once you sign that deal. Retention is as important as sales. You should use your CRM to manage the customer’s entire buying history, this will help you increase revenue per customer.
  7. Project and event management
    Have a new and exciting project or event your working on or planning? Don’t pay for another service or software, use your CRM to track those processes as well!
  8. Digital address book
    Whether it’s customers or suppliers, a CRM can store contact details like phone numbers, emails and multiple addresses, along with additional information such as the last time you spoke. You can even explore the possibilities of using a CRM in your personal life. You can automate any admin-based relationship management task with the right CRM tool.

AND FINALLY – use your CRM to help automate almost any process

You need a simple, easy-to-use, visual sales CRM to help you manage your sales pipeline and it doesn’t have to stop there.

Any process that involves a structured series of actions, stages or steps can be managed and automated with a pipeline CRM. When you combine your CRM with an activity-based approach, you can speed up almost any process.

Whatever your business requirements, the right CRM tool will be able to assist in making all parts of your business operations more efficient.

Remember – your CRM isn’t just for sales. Almost every part of your business can benefit from it.

Are you making the most of your CRM software?

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