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Genzy Talent Academy joins forces with SET CRM

How you can use CRM as a recruitment tool to attract Generation Z, young talent for sales roles.

Gen Z, young talent is now entering the workforce, with over 32% of the population being Generation Z (born between 1996 and 2010). Having left education, they are now ready to transition from education to the commercial world and move into their dream job.

Trying to attract the best young talent for junior sales roles is a challenge; if you want the best, you need to understand what is important to this younger generation, so they pick you as their preferred employer. What can you do to entice them?

A huge attraction is your use of technology; they love it! They struggle to understand how we baby boomers functioned in our sales role with a Yellow pages directory, a public payphone and a paper map! Not sure how we did it, but we managed. You must sell the technology you have in place to help them succeed in their role. They have left University, up to their eyes in debt, desperate to earn as much as possible and succeed within their first twelve months. Sales enablement is now essential to aid salespeople to sell more, quickly and more intelligently.

Your pitch to potential candidates:

‘We provide all of our salespeople access to our CRM system. This customer relationship management technology will help you increase your sales, reduce the time it takes to win business and track all your sales activities so you can hit your targets sooner and maximise your commission bonuses’

Attracting and recruiting Gen Z for sales roles

Genzy Talent Academy work with sales graduates and young talent to ensure they understand and use a CRM system before entering the workplace. This training ensures they see the value and benefit of this when selecting an employer. SET For Business CRM system is provided to all delegates completing the Genzy Talent Academy Diplomas; this is endorsed by the Institute of Sales Management Education.

With years of experience providing sales training to graduates for B2B sales and our valued partnership, we are pleased to announce we are sponsoring Genzy Talent Academy with their FREE webinar on the 1st July.

This webinar helps HR Directors, Sales Directors, and CEOs gain top tips on attracting, developing, and retaining top young talent for junior sales roles.  Additionally, we’re offering an exclusive discount for new SET CRM customers registering for this event with access to SET’s Professional tier at the Essentials price.

For full details and to register, click on the link below:

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