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How To Get Salespeople To Actually Use The CRM

We all know the horrifying truth, businesses invest hundreds if not thousands into buying and implementing a CRM system, only for the sales team to never use it!!

You try telling them it will make their job easier…

You try telling them it will help them sell MORE…

You try showing them how to use it…

You try reminding them to use it…

But at the end of the day they just don’t seem to want to make the effort. It’s frustrating and often a huge waste of a potentially amazing sales and business tool.

In this blog I wanted to help show you a few ways you can get your sales team to actually start using the CRM properly and benefiting from doing so.

If you’ve found some ways to get your team using your CRM I’d love to know as well!

1 – Don’t just train them, COACH them

One of the most common mistakes companies make with their CRM is they only show the salespeople how to use it, they don’t support them in actually using it. It’s like telling a child they need to put their feet on the pedals and move them and suddenly expect them to be able to ride a bike! Don’t get me wrong, training is crucial, but it should always be supported with coaching to help the team get comfortable and used to using it.

2 – Create INCENTIVES for them using it properly

Perhaps it’s a point-based system with reps earning points for each time they upload or update the CRM. It could be an incentive for the rep with the most information recorded or most up to date CRM. Salespeople are often competitive and driven, which is why commission and bonuses are used. Using this same mentality applied to correct usage of your CRM can help encourage the team to use it more.

3 – Find your ADVOCATES and utilise them

There is usually at least one or two in the team who will take to the CRM and use it properly. Work with them to help them inspire the team and show how using it properly can generate results. Once salespeople see that it’s worth the time, they are more likely to start using it. They’re also more likely to feel motivated seeing their colleagues using it than just being told to use it by their manager.

4 – Include it in your team meetings and 1-2-1’s

A lot of managers will tell their team to use the CRM, but then totally ignore it for a month or 2 before eventually complaining that no one is using it! You need to keep on top of your team, mention it in every team meeting and discuss it in every 1-2-1 that you have. Work WITH your team and not against them. Don’t just expect them to use it because you’ve given it to them, work with them to help them get the most out of it.

5 – Lead by example

One of the most crucial tips. Again, a lot of sales managers tell their team to use it, but then don’t actually use it themselves. You’ll stand a far greater chance of getting your team to use your CRM properly if you as the leader are using it properly as well. Make it a key part of your day and be seen to be using it in the exact same way that you want them to use it.

CRMs can help you generate MORE sales!

CRMs can be such an amazing tool for sales teams and businesses, and whilst they do require a small amount of work, the results can be significant. As they say, you reap what you sow. The more and better information that you put into your CRM, the better and more results you’ll get out.

So many sales are lost because the salesperson didn’t record the right information or enough information. So many sales are lost because they forgot to keep record of their next phone call or to follow up. All of this is so easily avoided by using a good CRM system.

Do you currently feel you’re using your CRM to its full capability?

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog today, I really hope you enjoyed it. Here at SET For Business we are really passionate about helping businesses and sales teams get the most from a CRM. That’s why we built an easy, engaging and feature packed CRM that was designed with the user in mind.

Please do have a look at and if you’re interested you’ll be able to book a totally free trial there. We would love the chance to help your sales team and business grow with our system.

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