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5 Powerful Sales Prospecting Techniques You Should ALL Be Using

Believe it or not, even though prospecting plays an important part in new business sales, many sales professionals despise prospecting. Today, a majority of sales professionals use outdated and ineffective sales techniques instead of effective methods that could actually result in higher volume of better qualified leads (and increase the chance of them enjoying prospecting). […]

How to Effectively Sell Your Boss a New CRM

So you have found the one?! That amazing CRM that will change everything. From its flexible features and user friendly interface to its integrations and customisation options, this CRM couldn’t be a better fit for you and your team. HOWEVER, there is one thing standing in the way of you and your dream CRM, your […]

Keep it Fresh, Timing in Sales is Everything

Have you ever come home late from work to search your fridge only to find out that the meat, vegetable or cheese you were looking for has gone bad? The whole journey home consisted of what sauce you were going to knock up to accompany this tasty dish, surely you would be disappointed, right? Like […]

Using the SET CRM Activity Report to Coach Your Sales Team

The SET activity report provides a detailed look at the activities that a sales team has completed over a certain time period of time which includes things like phone calls, emails and meetings. This gives all sales managers valuable insight into individual and sales team performance. Using a CRM for activity reporting is a proven technique for […]

Manage Your Time Effectively with Calendar View

Time is money in sales, and how you plan your days, weeks and months can have a serious impact on your pipeline. Have you ever inadvertently squashed six hours of back-to-back meetings into a Monday when the rest of your week is free? This will quite often happen when you’re in a hurry and don’t […]

How Can Sales Reporting Help You Close More Deals?

In sales an easy sale is extremely hard to come by. Statistics say only 2% of first meetings turn into an instant sale, 98% of leads need to be followed up by nurturing them through your sales process. If your client base is small, all you would need to keep track of vital activities is […]

Define Your Ideal Prospect

A healthy pipeline helps you meet your sales targets. So, will getting a crazy number of customers into your pipeline result in huge success for your team? Well the answer is yes… and no. Sales teams need healthy pipelines to achieve growth but chasing anything that moves and stuffing anyone you speak to into your […]

Manage Your Sales with The SET Opportunity Pipelines

What is sales pipeline management? It’s the secret to sales success! With our opportunity pipeline feature, you will be able to gain control over sales and focus your team on the activities that matter the most. Sales pipeline management is without a doubt the single and most effective sales tool available to sales professionals today. The SET opportunity […]

Fine Tune Your Sales Process with SET for Business

Sales skills will help you close deals and implementing a selling process will help you consistently close deals. There has been a lot of debate around the advantage of sales skills over process, but a sales professional will never reach their full potential with just one or the other. Sweet-talking your clients might have worked in […]

How to Use SET Most Effectively

For small to medium sized businesses our CRM software solution can be a lifesaver. SET can help track vital data, such as how customer interactions are going and who you are reaching out to. SET can help you sort through customer data in innovative and powerful ways, doing anything from helping you predict customer needs […]

Trusted with over £1,000,000,000 of business opportunities

After getting lost in Salesforce the simplicity of SET and ease of use allowed us to spend more time doing what we do best, selling. Darran and the team made sure the switch to SET was stress free. We couldn’t be happier. SET does exactly what it says it does, helps your sales soar.

Sam Samuels, Managing Director, Furniture Fusion

SET has had such a positive impact on our sales productivity. It’s taken away the headache of the usual administration and given us more control. We get far better information and more time to talk to customers and prospects

Heidi Lavery, Client Engagement Manger, RFS

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