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Developing and training your sales team – The seven sales training fundamentals

One of the most effective ways to improve results in any sales division is through a structured training program. The difficult part can be deciding on what training, how much and how often does this training program need to be revisited. If you then combine this with time constraints, many sales managers end up opting […]

Five things you just can’t do using a spreadsheet

When you’re used to using traditional business tools like spreadsheets your sales team ends up using it for big projects – projects they’re not meant for. If you are using shared spreadsheets to manage sales activities it can often lead to frustration and there are serious limitations on what your team can accomplish. While spreadsheets […]

Five SET Habits to Boost Your Productivity in 2018

By now you may have heard about SET and how it helps many businesses across the UK organise their sales processes. You may have even customised your pipeline, added contacts, uploaded opportunities or even won a few deals already; if that’s the case you’re already doing well but the chances are, you could be doing […]

SET: A case study from RFS

“SET has had such a positive impact on our sales productivity. It’s taken away the headache of the usual administration and given us more control. We get far better information and more time to talk to customers and prospects.” – Heidi Lavery, Client Engagement Manger RFS. About RFS We are a specialist resourcing and regulatory […]

6 Ways to Ensure a Smooth CRM Transition

Whether you’re transitioning into using a CRM for the first time or you’re switching to a new CRM, change can be difficult for your employees and processes. Luckily, you have the control in ensuring your CRM transition is a smooth ride. By keeping everyone involved you can keep the migration to a new CRM painless. […]

Three TOP ways CRM Data Can Boost Your Sales Pipeline

One clear advantage of having a CRM is that you can access centrally located customer data. 74% of CRM users say that their CRM system offers improved access to customer information. Sales professionals can be very resistant to CRM implementation at first as it seems like a lot of challenging work and can be a […]

4 Ways of Recapturing Inactive Customers

Smart businesses and sales professionals know that it’s necessary to focus on customer loyalty as much as customer acquisition. This is because it’s a lot easier to sell to existing customers rather than attract new ones. Businesses have a 60-70% chance of selling to existing customers and only a 5-20% chance of selling to a […]

SET launches Lead Forensics Integration

Discover how we combine the power of Lead Forensics with our CRM software. Imagine cutting edge, super-charged lead generation integrated seamlessly into your CRM, to empower your sales team and kickstart your marketing campaigns. Lead Forensics works 24/7, de-anonymizing your website traffic, allowing you to see the products and services your customers are interested in, […]

How to Hold a Productive Sales Meeting

Meetings are essential in the running of a successful sales operation but often thought of as an unnecessary pain in the back side. There are several ways in which they can be sabotaged for example; no-shows, twiddling of the thumbs, people playing on their phones, big talkers promising the world and the others hiding or […]

3 Very Important CRM Integrations for Sales Teams

Within the CRM industry, an integration is the connection path between two different software applications that allow them to work together to create better efficiency. Integrations share and exchange information across different platforms so you don’t have to keep switching between applications or adding duplicate information time and time again. They help to make your […]

Trusted with over £1,000,000,000 of business opportunities

After getting lost in Salesforce the simplicity of SET and ease of use allowed us to spend more time doing what we do best, selling. Darran and the team made sure the switch to SET was stress free. We couldn’t be happier. SET does exactly what it says it does, helps your sales soar.

Sam Samuels, Managing Director, Furniture Fusion

SET has had such a positive impact on our sales productivity. It’s taken away the headache of the usual administration and given us more control. We get far better information and more time to talk to customers and prospects

Heidi Lavery, Client Engagement Manger, RFS

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